Download Sonic Dash Mod APK 2023 – Unlimited Money + All Unlocked

Sonic Dash Mod APK – Different animals, be these are wild or pets, are always a love of childhood. Every child creates a fantasy world of enchanting scenes and dazzling moves of naughty characters. TOM, JERRY, MIKIE and many other evergreen characters have been a love of every childhood. In addition to the characters mentioned above, another is Sonic, of course! So here we are going to talk about your all-time favorite hedgehog.

With the word “sonic”, there is an instant flash in mind of a running and dodging hedgehog. Although he is cute, he is a monster for his rivals. Yes, absolutely the right guess! Here we are going to talk about the Sonic hedgehog game. The modded version apk is here for you all with quick and versatile moves of sonic the hedgehog with the latest free version.

Sonic Dash Mod APK – Overview

Sonic dash hack download presents you with a gang of characters. And all are unlocked in its free download. By selecting these characters, you can help Sonic save his land from his rivals. If you are an incredible fan of arcade games, then the enemies of sonic would not be strangers to you: doctor egg man, who is a human being but a villain for sonic.

Sonic dash mod unlimited money helps you buy and win exciting characters. Therefore this is going to be nonstop fun for all. Honestly, it’s a very light mood game with beautiful locations, sensational events, clever bosses and much more. The gameplay is super easy, and the controls are simple. That is why this is classic fun for kids.

However, any age group with this game can enter into childhood in no time. So playing this game is a treat. Sonic dash unlimited running has been a craze for many years. Its charm is still fresh. Can you imagine the first release was in 1991? After so many years, if this game still has an appeal, there is something unique.

Hardlight developed it, and the publisher behind this fantastic game is SEGA. It has 100M+ downloads to date, and its reviews cross 4.5M digits. This game is pretty good so far. So don’t miss the phenomenal moves and endless running of Sonic the hedgehog.

In addition to running, there are different traps you have to avoid. Hurdles are everywhere around your dear sonic. Any non-calculated move can be a deadly one. Just go to our app and download it for free.

Sonic Dash Gameplay

Playing Sonic dash is quite tricky but straightforward. However, the initial stages are simple. All you need is to collect golden rings that come the way of sonic. Apart from rings, there are enemies on the way as well. And if you make sonic to collect a maximum number of gold rings and kill fifteen enemies, then there is a reward of red starring.

As the secret of win lies in the pace of sonic. So you need to kill more and more enemies. That’s why there is a hurricane for rivals while playing. Every single kill will make sonic more and more fast. So, make your sonic the fastest and the most agile runner in the world.

More often, there pops up a little gold ring on the screen. To miss any round will be a blunder for you. Therefore, just give a quick tap whenever there is a ring on the net. Later on, this saved ring will help you to upgrade your Character.

Whenever a boss aims at sonic, try to make a quick and intelligent dodge. It will surely save your day. However, there are tall trees on the way. You have to avoid them.

The Cast of Sonic Dash

Although Sonic dash mod apk begins with the agile Character of a blue hedgehog, later on, other characters come to the front and join the struggle. Moreover, you can choose any bubbly personality out of them. There is a fox named tail, a fast friend of sonic.

Your encounter with a female hedgehog, the army rose, will indeed prove fun for you. Knuckles the echidna, who once was a formidable rival of sonic, but now he is a companion of our hedgehog.

Moreover, the Doctor Eggman, a challenging rival of sonic. He is always plotting a lousy game against sonic. He is grouping with Zazz all the time, and their only aim is to destroy the beautiful world of sonic. Sonic and his friends are living happily in their dreamland. Meanwhile, Doctor Eggman comes with the worst intentions.

Features of Sonic Dash MOD APK

1 – Automatic movements of Character

Whenever there is a challenge, there is an automatic movement of Character. You have to make fast moves by right and left clicks, and you have to jump sometimes to cross hurdles and sometimes avoid limitations.

2 – Hurdles

There are dozens of hurdles that make the endless running of sonic quite tricky. Here you need to use all your reflexes and movement and require a certain level of quickness.

3 – Up-gradation of Sonic

As every level has its hurdles and barriers. Therefore, Sonic needs to upgrade. Sonic dash mod apk new version helps to upgrade sonic. However, you can upgrade by using dash boost, you can select an upgraded shield to have minor damage, and you can upgrade magnets to have more and more golden rings.

4 – 3D Graphics

Jaw-dropping 3D graphics are here in sonic dash mod apk for PC and Android. These graphics help you to become fully involved in this game. However, the snow mountain areas, green forest, and upstream bridges are eye-catching and bring some exciting levels.

5 – Abilities are Unlocked

All characters are with different abilities. Sonic dash mod apk is amazing with unlocked skills. So your fun is at the top when you use these abilities like kicking, dash move and bounce punches to give a deserved treatment to enemies.

6 – Rewards

The latest mod version is equipped with rewards like a red ring, and there are daily challenges. With successful completion, there is a reward for you. It can be in the form of a spin board. Moreover, there are unique boosters with every successful level. Every kill of an enemy rewards you with power-ups. There are red rings, protective shields, and a head start for you.

What is New here in Sonic Dash Mod APK?

  1. There is so much fun stuff for you and no bugs at all.
  2. All characters are unlocked, and there are no paywalls while playing with these characters.
  3. Additionally, fun is fantastic and nonstop as sonic dash mod apk is free of ads.
  4. Sonic dash hack mod offline gives you immense pleasure even if you don’t have an internet connection.


Sonic dash apk is the best endless runner game! So get ready to enjoy the bounces, jumping, kicks, running and energetic hits with Classic Sonic. He’s great and such a cutie.

Also, the events are creative, like the Classic Sonic event and the Sega Genesis cartridges. Therefore, you are surely going to love them! So be quick and download the free sonic dash mod apk from our website.

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Players’ Reviews about Sonic Dash

Here are a few reviews that speak volumes about sonic dash mod apk amusement and fun:

Fun game. Events work perfectly for me, and the different characters’ poses are fantastic when you’re in the air.

Best game ever played! I’m eleven years old, and this has changed a lot! When I was six, you would have to pay like 30,000 rings to get knuckles, but now it’s easier to get the characters in the game—lots of changes, but still the classic gameplay.

Sonic Dash is a relatively good game that I enjoy playing in my free time. The game has simple mechanics that are easy to master, and it’s relatively easy to grind. Bosses are also accessible, so it is simplistic to gain points and rings. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys games such as these.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1: Is Sonic Dash a good game?

It is a good and exciting game to play in your spare time. It’s enjoyable.

2: How to download sonic dash mod apk?

Download the apk file from, install and enjoy.

3: Is sonic dash mod apk safe for kids?

It’s safe fun for kids of any age group.

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