Productivity apps are designed to perform essential daily tasks on smartphones, such as Android and iOS devices. These apps make your daily personal tasks easier and more efficient to perform. Some of these apps do the task directly, but some do it indirectly. You will be at ease if you have the right productivity app installed on your mobile phone. Productivity apps can include a schedule planner, to-do list, reminder apps, tracking app, timer for productive activities, antisocial apps and agenda calendar, etc.

These apps let you perform your task on time and reminds you to stay productive. Time tracking apps are essential for time management because they help you become organized and enable you to perform more tasks in less time. Some antisocial and screen time tracking apps help you track and maintain self-control and decrease screen usage. These kinds of apps are so helpful in beating mobile phone addiction as they keep on reminding you about your hourly screen time.

These apps are best for a digital detox. As a result, you will not waste your time on useless things; instead, you will be more productive. We have many latest productivity apps MOD APK on our website. You can free download these apps and enjoy unlimited features in the app.