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If you are an adventure lover and like to do missions, then the Street chaser mod apk is just for you. Enjoy the Ads free adventures of a gang of ten robbers faced by many heroes in the latest version of street chaser by IGold Technologies.

The game is full of adventure and thrill with its unique free download features, unlimited keys and money. Moreover, it has amazing unlocked and hacked levels.

Street Chaser Mod APK Gameplay

If you want to punish robbers, this game gives you a chance. The fun starts when you and your companion are having a chat. Suddenly a person runs by you and snatches your friend’s bag. Then, it is time for you to be in action.

You have to help your friend by chasing robbers. However, it is up to you how you dodge obstacles. You can attack robbers by lifting and throwing stones and balls towards them.

First, you have to avoid street barriers by sliding down. Then, you have to cross the container by jumping high.

Sometimes there are ditches on the road, and you suddenly have to take a quick turn. Additionally, you are running fast, and a sudden appearance of a vehicle on the street tries to stop you. But your goal is to keep running and chasing. Therefore, you cannot slow your speed as you can lose the robber. So you use all reflexes to dodge these obstacles.

After every successful level, there is a bag full of coins for you. Moreover, missions are different in the game. You can win a daily challenger reward.

What is the most interesting thing in the gameplay?

The most exciting thing in street chaser mod apk is your continuous running as a player. As you kill one robber and are about to take the bag, but at the same time, a second robber comes and takes the load. So the series goes on till the tenth robber.

During this series, you have to go through different missions. For example, missions 21 to 30 are of a detective nature. You have to find a girl and a necklace.

However, the chain’s location is shown at the top of the right corner.

Every thief comes with unique cunningness for example, Huge Robin is a perfect thief. He deceives you, and you go towards the left side while he is somewhere in the right corner. But here is an exciting feature of the new version: mod apk has a map. You can find the location of clever thieves like Huge Robin and Rogue Slayer by using the map.

Features of the Street Chaser Mod Apk New Version

The latest version of street chaser has come with many exciting features, and we will highlight them in detail.

Unlimited Money

There is a reward with every successful level and hit towards the robber. It can be in the form of coins or money, and these unlimited coins and unlimited money are used to boost your power as a player.

Ads Free

Ads are a continuous interruption and spoil the enjoyment and mood of the user. So the latest version of street chaser mod apk has no ads, and the fun is constant without any break and if you want to play more ad free games checkout latest version of Happy Wheels MOD APK 2022.

Gang of Ten Robbers

Gang of ten robbers is exciting. However, you are continuously in action. Even after the beating of one robber, the second one is here to replace the first one. So no halt to the continuity of your running and chasing.

Group of Thirteen Heroes

Now there is an option of multiple heroes. Thirteen heroes are there with their strength and power. Some are more agile and active. At the same time, others are more clever while chasing.

Selection of Hero of your choice

As every hero has unique powers, so everyone is unique. Therefore, the player has a choice to select any one of them. This choice makes the game very interesting.

Adventurous Missions

In addition, the missions are adventurous and are not similar. Different levels and modes of action don’t let interest vanish. Moreover, the time factor makes the player more addicted to the game as there are fixed seconds to complete the levels.

Energy Boosters

Unlimited cash and money is the reward while you strike any robber in street chaser mod apk. Additionally, you can use the extra cash as an energy booster. It further enhances the power of the player.

Online Competition with Mates

This new version has a feature of online multiplayer too. So, you can play as well as can engage with other online players. You can set targets, and an atmosphere of competition is extra added fun.

Dreamy Locations

The locations are stunning and dreamy. A robber running in a forest ends with a tunnel. However, the tunnels are not straight. Every tunnel has multiple small tunnels, which make chase difficult. The player sometimes gets puzzled about the right direction.

It gave me a feeling of being in ancient times when a walled city entrance appeared on the screen. Then, just like a fort with stone-built walls, a Victorian-style city suddenly appears after that. Curvy streets with obstacles everywhere bring robbers a chance to disappear.

Furthermore, the roads are long and have many turns, making the chase a real challenge. But the added feature of the map helps the player a lot. Forests with sky kissing trees are a real treat for the eyes.

What’s New in Street Chaser Mod APK

  1. Obstacles are more exciting and range from street barriers to large containers.
  2. Blocks are haphazard, which keeps the brain active throughout the gameplay.
  3. Additionally, the introduction of throwing objects with different levels of power is thrilling.
  4. This version is virus-free, and problems of bugs are fixed.

My Opinion

Fun and adventure are combined with mind reflexes in the street chaser mod apk. How fast you can run is key to success. Obstacles are waiting for you everywhere, and you have to cross them, but there is no choice but to lose sight of the robber.

On the way, there are multiple objects a player can use to hit a robber by throwing and kicking hard. However, the daily challenges help gain rewards of good wheel spins, coins, cash and lives. So, free download the modded version of Street Chaser mod apk and begin the adventure!


How to play a street chaser game?

  1. Suppose there are options of chase, mission and challenge.
  2. Click on the task.
  3. Enter your name in the name bar.
  4. Then click ok.
  5. Now start chasing.
  6. Throw bottles and kick the balls with finger clicks.
  7. Moving ahead, catch a robber by running fast and then punch him hard.
  8. Collect coins by running in the straight line of coins.
  9. Take every bottle from the ground which comes on the way and throw it towards the robber.

How to download and install street chaser mod apk?

  1. Download file of street chaser apk.
  2. Go to the “my files” folder—open downloads.
  3. Then click on the apk file.
  4. Now press the install option.
  5. The game will be installed.

Download Mod Apk

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