Download Kick the Buddy Forever Mod Apk 2023 – Unlimited Money

Kick the Buddy Forever Mod APK is here to uplift your sad moods. Sometimes you are sad and angry. At such moments you want to show your aggression to someone. But you cannot find a person to whom you can show your anger. You need not worry anymore as now you can have a friend who can act as your punching bag at such times.

Storyline of the Game

Kick the Buddy Forever mod apk is a sequel to kick the buddy original. After much fame of Buddy game, Kick the Buddy mod apk is available to play on android and iOS. You need not prolong your sad mood because now you have your best buddy to make you smile. Moreover, this buddy is a bubbly character who can smile even when you hit him hard with so many things.

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In addition, the game Kick the Buddy Forever with all unlocked mod offers you a variety of weapons to drag and hit upon your buddy. Here are pistols and rockets for you to use with your buddy. Furthermore, you can blow him with a bomb blast as well. So get ready to beat, kick or blow your best buddy at any time with Kick the Buddy free download version on android and iOS.

Undoubtedly this game is amazingly popular among users. Playgendary has developed this delightful game for every age group. It has about 10M+ downloads. Size of the game is 56MB and the latest version is 1.5.8.


Kick the Buddy: Forever mod apk has simple controls, and gameplay gives you a different experience. What you need is to attack your character. There is a wide range of weapons available for you. Moreover, you have many different characters, and all are unlocked in the modded version.

Kick the Buddy: Forever mod apk has rifles, guns, hand grenades, and even bombs for you to make an attack. Therefore, you can make a fire, go for a shoot, or freeze and destroy many other available things in your character.

However, this game came with very simple controls, and merely simple touch is enough to make a successful attack. Unlike other horror games, this one gives you endless fun and childish amusement.

If you are grown up now, this game will be a good source to recall your childhood memories. So to get innocent pleasure, free download Kick the Buddy Forever mod apk from APKEVERYWHERE.COM. Your best buddy is always loyal to you even after your harsh treatment.

Features of Kick the Buddy Forever Mod APK

The game has some great and hilarious features that give you endless entertainment. These features are enlisted here:

1. Unlocked Weapons

Our mod version gives you a wide range of weapons, and all weapons are unlocked from the start of the game. Therefore, you need not wait for some certain level to get your favorite weapon.

There are Beretta, Thomson, Uzi, canon, and several other weapons for you. Moreover, you can also witness some old-age weapons like swords and axes here. There is piranha fish also that can bite your buddy on your instruction.

2. Accessories

Weapons are not the only amusement for you in Kick the Buddy Forever mod apk. Rather there is a full basket of different food items. In addition, you have a variety of musical instruments here.

3. Unlimited Money and Gold Coins

Kick the Buddy: Forever mod apk gives you unlimited money and coins. With this mod version, you can have any weapon, food, or musical instrument.

4. Game Modes

Kick the Buddy apk has many different levels and ways to play games. You can not only beat your buddy, but sometimes buddy can also dance for you. However, to make him a dancing chap for you, you can select a disco ball.

5. Graphics

It’s a good action-packed game with cool graphics. Above all, the facial expressions of your innocent friend are always according to your actions. The music, background sounds, and the rest of everything are amazing.

What else the mod version gives?

  1. Kick the Buddy Forever mod apk latest version has removed the main concern of players. This concern was about ads. So, the mod version is ads-free.
  2. Problems with the bus are not here anymore. So enjoy the endless joy.
  3. Get everything unlocked and enjoy and access to unlimited features.

So, what else a player needs!

Additionally, if you want to have more games that can recall your childhood cartoon characters, you must download sonic dash mod apk for free.

Reviews About the Game

Some interesting reviews by the side of players are here:

One player mentions, I LOVE IT! It is a very good action-packed game and a good stress reliever. I would give it 5 stars

Another player is of the view, the best game ever. It helps me get my anger out when I’m mad. Even if there is an ad every time I play, it doesn’t matter. I see ads in all the games I get, so I don’t get super mad. But with mod apk my this problem has also gone. Now I enjoy no ads mod for free.


Kick the buddy forever mod apk gives you a good time pass with your best partner. So get ready to kick, blow up and smash your cool fellow. It will surely bring your temperature down, and you will have a memorable time. So please don’t waste time and hit the download button for this amazing game from APKEVERYWHERE.COM.

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Frequently Asked Question

How to install, Kick the buddy forever mod apk in pc?

First, you need to download bluestacks or emulators on your pc. Then go to the search bar, mention this game’s name, and follow the instructions until the game is installed.

How to get unlimited gold and money on your Android?

Uninstall the original old version first. Then visit our website, write Kick the Buddy Forever mod apk and you’ll get the game with unlimited money and gold here. You will get this version quickly as installing process is quite fast on our site.

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