Consider Yourself a Carrom Pro if You Know These Trick Shots

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Carrom is one of the popular board games played all over the world. We all get nostalgic when it comes to games like Carrom and Ludo as it brings many memories from your childhood.

Carrom also helps in better predictions and also sharpens the mind. This game is mainly about striking carrom men into the pockets. The online version is thrilling and exciting!

If you want a simple game that flexes your brain muscles, go for this one. Like the offline version, you can win games through the virtual version. Wish to see for yourself? Check out for action right away!

The game, which originated in India, helps in socializing as well. You need to be precise to win the game and have a good sense of angles. It is generally played on a square board, and each carrom man has different points.

You need to pocket the nearest carrom man first. Aim for the queen, as it has more points! It is a famous indoor game that is hugely famous in the middle east and southeast countries. It was earlier enjoyed at clubs and cafes, but now people enjoy the online version equally!

It can be played between two and a maximum of 4 people.

Some of the most amazing shots are the back shot trick, double shot trick, cut shot trick, board shot trick, and middle shot trick.

Here are some shots you can apply and play; Read on to know more.

Side Shot

It is one of the trick shots that can help you hit a carrom man into a pocket or out of your opponent’s way! In this one, you have to strike it so that it goes in the opposite direction, and your competitor cannot pocket the same! You have to place the carromman at a place (if not pocket it) where it is extremely tough for the opponent to get it. It is a shot that you can go for if you are on the safe side.

Board Shot

You cannot expect yourself to ace this shot at the beginning. It can only be attempted if you are an expert at the game.  When you opt for this shot, the carrom men hit 3 different sides of the board in a way that the piece gets pocketed at your side.

Middle Shot

This is yet another tricky shot played at the beginning of the game. When all the carrom men are placed in the middle of the board, it is recommended that you hit two carrom men concurrently, and that can be only achieved by hitting the striker to the space between 2 carrom men.

This will enable the two carrom men to move in opposite directions simultaneously and eventually fall into the opposite pockets. This is an expert shot, and it might take you some time to master it. If you are playing the virtual version for the first time, we recommend you try the practice sessions before indulging in the cash games.

Cut and Take

The pro players again play this shot. It is when there is a need to catch a carrom man in a different direction, and currently, you score another carrom man in another pocket.

Thumb Shot

You might remember playing it in the offline version, even if it has been years. This is mainly because the finger starts hurting after hitting the desk for a while. This shot results in a more substantial hit if you play this precisely.


This is another trick shot, and you should play it in doubles. Hit the carrom man to make it easier for your opponent to pocket it. And when it is your competitor’s turn, they will automatically score for your team.


Hit the striker on the opposite side of the carrom board. It will automatically come back and hit the piece at your side. This shot is used when the coin is near the pocket of your side.

Double Shot

When you play the online carrom board game, some shots are ubiquitous such as a double shot. It is generally played when the piece is in the center of the board or at least near the center of the board. The striker must hit the piece hard and then make it go oppositely. This will automatically make the carrom men fall into the pocket at your side.

Cut Shot

Cut shot is played when the pieces are at the center of the board. If the carrom man is placed on the left side, you have to drag and release the striker towards the right side, and then it will be pocketed in the right pocket.

Second Shot

It is considered as one of the most famous trick shots in this game. In case you face any obstruction, then you can change your target and pocket another coin.

Hit the carrom man that is coming in the path and blocking you so that it pockets the other piece and falls with it inside the pocket!

So these are a few trick shots that you need to master for online carrom. The online version is equally thrilling and engaging.

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