Carrom Pool Mod APK 2023 [PREMIUM] Free Download [All Unlocked]

Carrom Pool Mod APK is easy and fabulous entertainment. It offers you a place to sit with your new and old friends and enjoy childish pleasure. Moreover, it is a multiplayer mod game for all age groups. This game offers you a unique opportunity to join with your best buddies. While sitting in different corners of the world, you can have fun with your friends. So enjoy with your old buddies and feel the real presence of your friends with you.

Do not waste time and download the free Carrom Mod APK from APK EVERYWHERE. The mod version offers you all premium features unlocked. And to your surprise Carrom Pool APK with everything unlimited is undoubtedly free.

The credit for the development of this fantastic game goes to This game is particularly famous among inhabitants of South Asian regions. For example, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In addition, the number of installs is increasing due to friendly and straightforward gameplay, and the current count of installs is 100,000,000+.

Carrom Pool Gameplay

This carrom game has a straightforward gameplay. Even a child can play it very well. Just like actual carrom, you need an opponent to play. After finalizing participants of your game, you have to hurl and drag colorful pieces into the hole. Consequently, the person with more score is the ultimate winner of this game.

carrom pool mod apk new version

So, pot your colorful pieces into the holes. And beat your rivals with easy tricks of Carrom Pool Mod APK. When you can get a higher number of pieces into the hole, your number of wins increases. Anyhow, this game offers you a chance to be the best carrom board player.

Stunning Features of Carrom Pool Mod APK

Carrom Pool’s easy win can make your childhood memories bright. If you are not in your teens, this game will recall your school memories by having fun with your buddies. Therefore this is a game for everyone. Let us explore all features in detail.

Two Modes

Carom pool has two modes to play. These include carrom and disc mode. The Carrom mode is almost similar to disc mod with minor changes. You have to eat a red piece before your opponent in this mode. Moreover, this mode has 13 squads to play.

The Disc mode has 12 troops instead of 13 squads in carrom mode. Anyhow disc mode becomes more interesting when a player announces specific bet money. Consequently, all the other players will also participate in the equal share. But the winner will deserve the real money in the end. Furthermore, disc mode also offers you several locations like London, Paris, etc., which is another unique feature.

Multiplayer Game

Carrom Pool Mod APK for Android and iOS offers you multiplayer mode. This mode is available while playing online. Distance often reduces the chances of meeting with our beloved friends. However, Carrom Pool Mod APK has come up with a new solution.

Now you can enjoy yourself with your friends anywhere and at any time. This game is a platform for four friends simultaneously. So Carrom Pool is a golden opportunity to feel the physical presence of your friends and family.

Offline Mode

Sometimes you face internet interruptions or slow network issues. At these moments, multiplayer mode is challenging to play. Anyhow you can still enjoy carom pool game while offline. Because the offline mod makes your pc and android a good game partner for you.


To unlock some critical features of the Carrom Pool, you need some currency. In the carom pool, the game’s main currency is gems. The more gems you have, the more features are available to play.

However, our website has done an excellent job for your entertainment. Now you can have as many gems as you can for free. Carrom Pool Mod APK with unlimited coins and gems is a fantastic offer indeed.

Free Shopping

This game becomes more interesting with supreme chest, pro chest, master chest, etc. But shopping for these items requires real money. But our mod version allows you to go for free shopping. Therefore it is time for you to unlock all strikers for better play.

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Prizes & Rewards

Every win of Carrom Pool has a prize of gold and coins for you. You can use these rewards to purchase several Carrom Pool in-game items. Therefore it is easy to maximize the strength of your strikes. You can also opt for a super frenzy mod with cash and gold.

What’s new in the Mod Version?

  1. Carrom Pool Mod APK undoubtedly has unlocked features for you.
  2. You can save yourself from frequent ads with the no ads mod.
  3. In addition, there is a lobby of events to enjoy different scenarios.

Final Remarks

Carrom Pool Mod APK is undoubtedly a social entertainment. This game has a friendly mode; therefore, it helps you calm down during anxiety. Carrom Pool has so much to offer you that you do not get bored. This game is an excellent opportunity to recall memories with old friends. Furthermore, the game is a great forum to make new friends. Last but not least, it is a complete package of entertainment and social bonds.

People Also Ask

How to download Carrom Pool on PC?

First, you will install an emulator on your pc. Then you can easily download the mod version of the Carom Pool APK from this page.

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