Downlaod Raising Rank Insignia Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems) 2023

Raising Rank Insignia Mod Apk is undoubtedly an action game for army fans. Military expeditions have always been a charm for all of us. There is always a feeling of pride about the army and missions. And when we talk about attacking an enemy to defend our boundaries, the feelings of satisfaction are intense.

Raising Rank Insignia – Overview

Raising Rank Insignia Mod Apk is the latest version of raising insignia. Suppose you are a fan of the army, then this is undoubtedly a game for you. Although the game comes with simple controls, blows are massive. Hence it’s a merging game, so anyone can have intense fun while attacking tanks and firearms of rivals.

First, there are army tanks, fighter jets, battleships, and guns, as well as bosses to fight with you. Second, the more tanks and weapons you destroy, the more will be the collection of symbols. Third, with every addition of badges, your rank moves upward.

In addition to simple attacks, there is an option that you can build your town and base. You can also make your clan. Then, with the help of this clan, you can attack other lines and the army.
Raising Rank Insignia Apk is a simulation game about the army and its ranks; therefore, its ranking is increasing day by day.

Lucky Chan Games has put actual positions and order in Raising Rank. As a result of this real-world simulation, its number of downloads is around 1000000+ and its size varies according to apps.

The Gameplay

Raising Rank Insignia Mod Apk gives you many exciting levels, and every win gives you gold, money, and badges. However, the gameplay is very excellent. You need to drag the logo and drop it on other insignia of similar rank. As a result, the merged level will be of higher order.

Additionally, Raising Rank Insignia Mod Apk offers you many special operations. For example:

  1. There is a diamond supply operation.
  2. Gold supply operations.
  3. Battle of honor.
  4. Killing field and combat power valuation etc.

However, every operation is on a specific stage.

Training enhances fighting capacities; therefore, different types of training are available. You can earn unlimited gold and also unlimited diamonds. Also, you can raise yourself from 2nd lieutenant to colonel rank. Raising Rank Insignia hack Mod Apk recalls memories of army days.

Those who have never been a part of an army can have an actual taste of army ranking.

However, Raising Rank Insignia Apk is free to download with intense fun for ios and android users. Its latest version has too many features for your enjoyment. So download the latest version of Raising Rank Insignia Mod Apk from our website with all the unlocked features.

Raising Rank Insignia Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Gold and Money

You can win unlimited gold and money if you successfully merge insignia of similar rankings. This reward will upgrade your rank and increase your fighting skills.


You can select different missions and battles of your own choice. Furthermore, there are other operations at various stages. Well, every successful mission has rewards. However, this win is not straightforward as there is a long series of enemy battleships and fighter jets to destroy.

There is also a lucky draw box. With its help, you can have a high-rank badge. Moreover, you can get air support as well. When you successfully address a quest, there are also diamonds for you.


You can upgrade your rank and skills with gold and diamonds because you can open a training center with a particular amount of gold coins. This up-gradation will make your attack on enemies more robust.

Graphics and Sounds

Although graphics are simple yet cool to enjoy, the background sounds of fire and tank explosions are just like the original. So you undoubtedly feel yourself in a war zone.

The Modded Features

Raising Rank Insignia Mod Apk gives you unlimited money and gold. You need not pay anything from now onwards.
In-app browsers and screen cap buttons are an excellent addition to the latest version.

Moreover, the latest hack version is free from ads.

If you want some stunning graphics and control of battle tanks, then go for a war of weapons mod apk. This game will take you to actual battlegrounds and also in war zones.

Player’s Reviews About Game

The game itself is entertaining. You can pick different insignia types and such. All in all a great game. I forgot to back up my data, so I lost everything while reinstalling, but this is Soule my fault. Besides that, it is excellent for time killing or learning military ranks.

I love the game; it’s simple but addictive. The only thing I would like to see is more country options. I may not fully grasp the language of other nations. Still, it is impeccable to see their emblems and the correlating ranks.

How to Download?

You can download the insignia mod apk from this page for free.

  1. Click on the download button.
  2. After that, open the downloads folder.
  3. Here the installation process begins.
  4. Wait for a while until the installation process is complete.

Now you can enjoy nonstop action fun with rank insignia mod apk offline anywhere at any time.

Download Mod Apk


This game is a good time killer as it gives you effortless progress. You can not only build but also upgrade units. Moreover, it becomes easy to win with Rank insignia mod apk unlimited gold and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Raising Rank Insignia Mod Apk on PC?

First, download and install an emulator for your PC. Second, open the emulator and write Rank Insignia Mod apk in the search bar. Lastly, click on the insignia mod apk icon.

There will be a window of rank insignia mod apk on the app store. In the end, press on the install icon, and the installation starts. After completion, you have successfully downloaded apk mod on your PC.

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