Free Download Keepsafe Premium APK Full Version 2023

In today’s world, data privacy and the safety of intimate personal details have become a top priority for many. Therefore, we have something for you if you are looking for an application to ensure nobody gets access to your private stuff. Keepsafe premium apk is kind of a browser that also acts as the safe vault for your pictures and personal videos.

Furthermore, keepsafe assists one while searching for stuff on Google and keeps it directed. However, all the tabs you open while using keepsafe stay on incognito mode. Henceforth, you can enjoy a safe and private search. You can also use it as your primary browser in place of Chrome or Firefox.

Essential Features of Keepsafe Premium Apk

Keepsafe premium apk hacked works as an all-rounder. So if you want to look something up on the internet or deposit your pictures in a safer place, it is there for you. The critical services provided by the premium apk full version are listed below for you to help you get a good grasp of its versatile functions:

Your data is for your eyes only!

Keepsafe app hack new update is everything one could ask for. Keepsafe premium code facility can put pin-code passwords on your pictures. In this way, no one would be able to access them or even look at them without getting your permission first.

Speed up your search with keepsafe premium apk

Keepsafe apk is here to help you get a better browsing experience. And how is that? The premium version provides top related searches on the typed keywords to make the search process much faster for you.

Good-bye privacy breaches

Keepsafe premium is a very safe application. It does not let anyone get their hands on personal data. Moreover, its features like capturing photos of intruders or those who are detected doing fishy activities in your device and alerting you about it shows how serious keepsafe premium apk is about its users’ security.

Use it as your go-to browser

Yes! You need not use chrome, firefox, opera, or explorer anymore. All you need to do is start using keepsafe premium mod as your main browser. Hence, your searches and exploring would become well-protected.

Arrange your data the way you want!

Keepsafe app premium apk allows users to arrange their pictures in different folders. Many among us like to make separate inventories of our data. Moreover, keeping the personal stuff separate from the public is essential to many.

And that is where the keepsafe premium apk becomes all the way more important. You can organize your pictures and videos in different folders, under different categories, to ease or eliminate confusion.

Your consent is all that matters.

A very unusual feature found in premium keepsafe apk is sending your picture to any of your contacts for a matter of seconds only. They cannot see the image for more than this short period.

However, You cannot see the photo for more than twenty seconds, be it your selfie or click of any document. That is how you can become sure that nobody keeps your stuff without your permission.

Exclusive functions require exceptional investment

You can use certain features in premium mode only. They include intrusion detection and warnings and decoy PIN codes. However, the premium apk of keepsafe app free trial lets you have a good look into the working mechanisms and peculiar services of premium apk for free.

Keepsafe Premium Apk Free Download

The Keepsafe premium latest version download option is accessible on this page. Download the apk zip file in a matter of seconds now.

  1. Having made sure that your device allows in unknown sources.
  2. Proceed to download premium apk from this page.
  3. Install it once it’s done downloading.
  4. Make a PIN code and start storing your files.
  5. Keepsafe Premium Apk for iPhone.

Download Mod Apk

The keepsafe premium iOS version is the same as that of the Android one. So you can follow similar steps to get the application.


The latest version of this browser is undoubtedly way better than the keepsafe premium apk old version, in all respects. No more fretting about intimate details! You can peacefully sleep at night and give your phone to anyone with the belief that your data is in good and responsible hands.


How to get a keepsafe premium for free?

You can get a free trial of Keepsafe premium by installing it on your device. In addition, you can download the keepsafe photo vault mod apk to get access to free-of-cost premium features.

Can you hack keepsafe?

No. The purpose of designing this app is to secure the essential data of uses. However, you can download the premium apk version of the app from our website in order to have all the premium features.

How to cancel keepsafe premium android?

It is simple! You can cancel keepsafe premium android by:

  1. Opening your Google play account.
  2. Click on subscriptions.
  3. Select keepsafe subscriptions.
  4. Go for the ‘manage’ option and cancel.
  5. Confirm the action, and you are good to go.

How to unlock keepsafe without password?

If you get locked out, tap the ‘Forgot PIN’ option. A new code will then be sent to your email.

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