Hide Online Mod APK [Free Download] Premium with Unlimited Money & Coins [2023]

The majority of smartphone owners love shooting games. This article discusses one of the top and most exciting shooting games, Hide Online. However, the modified version Hide online comes with many features not available in the original version. So, you can Download Hide Online Mod APK from download link below and have ultimate fun.

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Hide Online Mod APK Overview

Hide Online is a story-based game where you have to find hidden props and kill them with your weapons. The game has many modes and comes with many add-ons that help you defeat your enemies.

If you are looking for the best prop games available online, you should download the latest version of this game. Hide Online is very versatile with different modes.

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This is because Hide Online is entirely based on Hunters VS Hiders Mode. You can download the original version from Google Play Store, but the modified version has a lot of other perks. Additionally, the game comes with 3D graphics and very smooth transitions. The pictures are amazing and easy to play with. It has millions of downloads. Therefore it is a viral game.

The Gameplay – Virtual Hide and Seek

The game is based on hiding and seeking. You can either be an evader or a hunter. The choice is yours what role you want to play in the game. If you choose to be an evader, then your task is to redeem yourself in one of the objects and hide from the hunter in the given location.

In contrast, if you choose to be a hunter, your primary goal is to look for a hidden player and destroy the player with a weapon. You can win the game either by hiding efficiently in places or you can also win with a rich arsenal of weapons with different abilities.

Transform into an object and hide from the other hunters/seekers. For example, you can turn yourself into a glass, chair, pizza, or a fan, anything available in the gameplay. Moreover, the game grabs your attention and is very addictive. After you start playing, you cannot leave it. Instead, you can hide in a place for 3 minutes until no one finds you.

After three minutes, you will be located. So change your hiding place frequently during the game. In addition, the game controls include jumping, running, and generating clones of yourself. Generating clones mislead hunters and help you win the game. However, make sure to stay in the allowed range so the hunters won’t detect you.

Hunters have more control over the game. Hunters own a gun or a weapon in the game. Your job is to look for objects that are unusual. If you see something moving, destroy it immediately to catch the hider.

Anyhow, the Hide Online Mod APK helps players to surpass all obstacles in the game. These obstacles include grenades and bombs that reduce your life.

Key Features of Hide Online Mod APK

  1. Unlimited Health
  2. Unlimited Money
  3. Unlock All Skin Types
  4. No Ban
  5. Unlimited Coins
  6. Unlimited Bombs
  7. All Levels are Unlocked
  8. No Ads
  9. All Premium Features Available

Get unlimited add-ons with Hide Online Mod APK

The modified version of Hide Online Mod APK gives you unlimited health and offers every character. All the levels are unlocked with this modified version. Moreover, you get an endless supply of coins and bombs.

Get character skins, recharges, medkits, clones, emoticons, unlimited grenades, and numerous packs with the MOD version. So download it for free to avail all these exciting things.

Unlimited Everything

The official version offers a minimal amount of grenades, clones, and other things. But with the hide online apk, forget about all this. Instead, play without interruption, and earn unlimited rewards.

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So stop struggling with the official version, and download Hide Online Mod APK now. Astound your friends with an unlimited supply of poses and weapons.

Characteristics of the Hide Online

The game is very appealing and contains many characteristics that players enjoy. Some of the top features are explained below.

Game Modes

The game comes with many modes that make it enjoyable. For example, you become the hunter in one game mode, and you have to find hiders. Unfortunately, the time limit makes it hard to win the game.

Customize Characters

The game even offers to customize your characters. For example, you can customize hunters and hiders with portraits, skins, and different symbols.

Choose a Weapon

Choose various weapons like rifles, snipers, and more to win the game. However, the hide online mod apk provides you with unlimited weapons that can help you choose any weapon you want.

No Ads

The official game version has a lot of annoying ads. Unfortunately, these ads cannot be blocked using ad-block applications. Thus, you have to compromise with ads. But downloading the newest version of Hide Online MOD APK gives you a completely ad-free experience.

3D Graphics

Apart from the gameplay, the graphics are also very stunning. The backdrops and characters are cartoonish, making the game interesting for young people. The characters have smooth movements, and the frame rate is also outstanding.

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However, hide online is not a violent game as it seems. On the contrary, the violence element is reduced due to the stunning graphics. Hence, the game is suitable for people of all ages.


If you are looking for an excellent virtual hide and seek game, this is the best one. It combines shooting, thrill, and suspense. The features are sure to capture your attention. So, download the latest version of Hide Online Mod APK to get the most of it.

Download Mod Apk

People Also Ask

Is Hide online an online game?

Hide Online is an app-based game developed by HitRock Games. The game is available for android and iOS smart devices and cannot be played directly on the web.

Is hide online safe to play?

Yes. You can play it freely without any interruption with complete protection.

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