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Fishing diary mod apk is a casual and easy game for fishing lovers. DroidHen, the developer, comes with a unique amusement of fishing. If you are a die heart fan of sea life and you want to enjoy sea graphics, then this is a suitable game to play. At first, you will see only fish categories coming one after the other.

From goldfish to whales are your targets. But the enjoyment of fish catching amounts with the entry of sea turtles, manta rays, jellyfish, and their mermaids to an utmost surprise. The game sounds simple, but it is tricky in its way. Some fish are speedy, and sea turtles are hard to trap. Here you are supposed to take a quick movement of your taps.

Main Characters

  1. A Hunter
  2. Sea creature of almost Thirteen (13) types

Ways to play Fishing Diary Mod APK

Game playing is so simple that it makes it a time killer for anyone. Any age group can play it by simply controlling the canon at the bottom section. Then, you select a target and tap it. Simple tap weapons are to aid you in this hunt.

Tools to Catch Fish

Simple Canon to Laser Canon

Nine types of canons are there for your help. However, sea creatures of different categories require the expertise of various levels. For example, you can see that goldfish need a simple net to throw over them.

Moreover, you are unable to trap bullhead sharks with simple nets. Here laser cannons are your helping partners. But converting a simple cannon to a laser one requires more and more coins. And you can have free cash in this modded version of the game.


The other tool to catch the fish is a bomb. You can drop a bomb from the upper right corner. It helps you catch a large number of fish.

Fish Bait

Clever fish escape from nets and bullets. However, you need not worry as the fishing diary apk has bread slices. You can hurl these slices as bait. Just wait and catch a large number of them.

Electric Shocks

You don’t need to worry about the capture of big fish. They are intelligent. Additionally, they ignore fish bait so they can escape the net. But you are more equipped here and can attack with electric shocks.

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Fishing Diary Mod APK Highlights


Notable awards are here for you. With small fish capture, you can get coins in small numbers. But significant fish capture gives you big rewards. Additionally, the most interesting is the pleasant surprise of the spin wheel. You can get a spin wheel by killing the blue head wheel.

This lucky wheel rewards you from hundred coins to five hundred coins. Moreover, one of the most thrilling points is the capture of mermaids. Who doesn’t want to enjoy precious treasures?

But, of course, you don’t know about the location of treasures hidden in the waters. But mermaids are aware of places. Therefore, try to catch beautiful mermaids and enjoy gems, gold and jewels.

Importance of Rewards

The more you earn rewards, the more levels you cover. Coins upgrade your score. In addition, with high scores or points, you can upgrade your canon. And the cannon firing speed is enhanced. Moreover, converting a simple cannon to a laser cannon becomes possible.

A Friendly Dear Diary

This game is not without daily challenges. And you are right to expect a reward after every level and meeting a challenge. Rewards are unlimited coins, money, treasures and seashells. However, every genre of fish has different points associated with it.

You don’t get the same apple every time. Instead, the count of coins and other rewards goes up whenever you hunt a different kind.

How to maintain a reward record?

One can forget about the number of coins. But dear fellows of this fantastic game, you need not worry about it. Like a good champ, there is a dear friendly diary that helps you maintain a daily record.

An Offline Fun

The Internet is a necessary companion to play Fishing diary. But think of any challenging area or situation where the Internet is disruptive. Yet, somehow, you want to kill your time. So cheer up fishing diary mod apk is an offline enjoyment.


Are you daring enough to ignore the mesmerizing sceneries of the world underwater? Just think how beautiful the seagrass, red algae and golden sand are. These 3D graphics bring a natural feeling of water life. So believe and enjoy breathtaking scenes.

What is New in Fishing Diary Mod APK Features?

This game is entertaining. But if you want to enjoy it, even more, don’t waste your time and download the fishing diary mod apk from our site with the following exciting features:

  1. Fishing diary mod has unlimited everything for you.
  2. Not only levels but in fishing apk, everything is unlocked.
  3. You need not pay money to get coins as the fishing diary mod version has unlimited money.
  4. Imagine you are about to catch a bullhead shark, and here comes an ad. Your mood swings down. But no worries, as you have modded fishing diary ads-free now.
  5. The latest version is easy to download and easy to play.
  6. Unlimited coins in the mod apk version help to have upgraded cannons.
  7. Moreover, the unlimited keys are another added feature of this latest version.


Sea Life is full of naughty fishes, giant carnivorous sea turtles and dangerous sharks. It also has beautiful mermaids. If you want to enjoy nature and its beauty, pick up your phone and download the fishing diary mod apk from our site.

Catch unique and clever fish. You surely don’t want to miss the excitement of shark hunting and mermaid capture. Then what are you waiting for? Rush to down a fantastic game full of colors, fun, thrill, beauty and whatnot.

Download Mod Apk


How to play a fishing diary?

It is simple to play. Just target fish with a tap, then throw net and other weapons.

How to hack coins in fishing diary mod apk?

You can hack unlimited coins by capturing and killing fish in the mod apk. Moreover, you can get a treasure box and a lucky spin wheel to get the maximum number of coins.

How to download it?

Download fishing diary mod apk from this page. Click the download button, go to your phone settings and enable unknown sources. Finally, install the game and enjoy.

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