Criminal Case Mod APK 2023 [Full Unlocked MOD] Unlimited Money

Criminal Case is a mystery and puzzle game available for Android and iPhone. It is a quest game from a series of hidden object games. However, Criminal Case Mod APK allows you to play the game with all features unlocked. So, click the download button below and get all the premium features to play your game more efficiently.

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The Gameplay of Criminal Case

The game takes place in the fictional city of Grimsborough is a major city in the United States, and the main setting for The Conspiracy, the fifth season of Criminal Case. Many vicious crimes have been taking place in the city. Anyhow, the police and forensics lack the necessary insight to identify the events leading to the crime. Therefore, you play the game as an investigator brought to the city to help the police.

In the game, you act as a criminologist assigned to solve different types of crime. The gameplay involves the player arriving at a unique crime scene. The player is tasked with identifying and finding potential clues related to the criminal’s identity. However, your duties also include the examination of witnesses and victims.

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The Case’s success depends on your investigation ability to find and identify all possible sources of information. Though most of the content of this game is free to access, it has an energy mechanic that limits the number of cases you can play in a given period. Many free-to-play games have such a mechanic.

Additionally, it is usually built to keep the player from quickly playing and finishing the game in a short amount of time. There is also an in-game currency and many additional features available only to premium users. They limit your gameplay experience. However, we are here to take care how you can avail all these features for free through criminal case mod apk.

Highlights of Criminal Case Game

This game quickly rose the chart to become the most famous hidden object game for Android. It was awarded game of the year 2013 on Facebook. Let’s look at some of the features this adventure-packed game offers.

1. Endless Content

Many mobile games fall into the trap of boring their players with repetitive scenes as most of these games are very limited in content. However, Criminal Case is an exceptional game as it contains hours of endless gameplay for the player to enjoy. There are more than 100 crime scenes for you to investigate and play.

Additionally, there are even more scenes involving cross-examination with witnesses and victims. Fictional cities, characters, and crime scenes bring even more excitement. Anyhow, this game is bound to keep you entertained for hours on end.

2. Multiplayer

Multiplayer games are way more popular and for a good reason. An excellent multiplayer experience completely changes the enjoyability of the games.

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Meanwhile, the game developers are probably well aware of this as there is now an added multiplayer in criminal case mod apk. You can compete with your friends and compare progress. Try your best to become the greatest detective in town!

3. Interactive gameplay

The Criminal Case is more than a search and find game. This game quickly rose to the top of the chart and gained popularity because of its unique gameplay. You take a great deal of involvement in the cases being handled.

Moreover, you examine crime scenes, reach conclusions, and ask questions to appropriate characters to move the Case forward. The added interactivity makes for fantastic gameplay and engagement.

3. Free to play content

Almost all of the content in the game is available to play for free. You can also download the content to enjoy the game when you are offline. If you can wait for your energy to recharge, you can almost play the entire game without paying anything.

But it will take you quite some time. Also, your experience might be pretty limited compared to a premium player because some features are missing. Soon we will show you how to unlock all this and get unlimited energy for free with criminal case mod apk.

4. Increasing difficulty

Criminal Case is built in such a way as to keep you engaged with increasingly tricky cases. As soon as you get the hang of earlier simple cases, more difficult cases start appearing in different parts of town. Therefore, you will have to take additional steps to solve these cases.

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Sometimes the player might need to return to a crime scene to look for missing evidence or investigate more people, one of whom might be the missing link to solve the Case. However, the game keeps you engaged by surprising you and changing things up.

5. The Latest Version of the Game

This hidden object game was initially released for Facebook by “Pretty Simple.”. The criminal Case play online variant was quite popular. Later a version for Android was released and then one for the iPhone.

Since then, new updates to the game have come out, constantly introducing new content and features. Now it has more than 10 million monthly users.

Features of Criminal Case Mod APK

The mod has many exciting features to offer. Some of the notable ones are listed below.

  1. Unlimited Stars And Energy
  2. Unlimited Money
  3. Free to Download
  4. All Cases Unlocked
  5. No Ads
  6. Unlimited All
  7. Free Shopping
  8. Full Unlocked Mod
  9. Free Examine
  10. Play Online

1. Unlimited Energy

The original game gives the player a small number of energy points that are quickly depleted as you play the game. The energy points can be restored as time passes. It is meant to slow down the rate you play the game.

However, in the criminal case hack energy apk you can have unlimited energy points. They don’t deplete as you play the games. So you can play as many cases as you like and finish the game at your pace.

2. All Cases Unlocked

With criminal case apk, all cases are unlocked, all the content is available to play as soon as you start the game. So, you don’t have to wait or spend money to unlock new cases.

3. No ROOT

This mod can be installed and activated without root. You do not need a rooted device for the mod to work. Moreover, the mod will work just as well on non-rooted devices.

4. Unlimited Hints

The game gives you limited currency to use for clues in each Case. However, if you run out of hints, you can fail a scene and have to re-attempt it. Of course, your energy is wasted as well. But with criminal case mod apk, unlimited money is available for clues. So, you can solve any case and quickly gain a lead amongst your friends.

Also, with the mod apk free examine, you can do as many examinations as you like, without wasting money.

5. Unlimited Coins

Some features in the games can only be bought with in-game currency. With criminal Case mod apk unlimited all, you have unlimited money to spend. It doesn’t deplete as you spend. Hence, enjoy all the premium options the game offers for the best experience.

Download Criminal Case Mod APK

Criminal Case hack apk is available here. You can simply download and install the latest version with mod features by clicking the given link.

Download Mod Apk


Criminal Case is a reimagined, and improved version of the classic find hidden object genre. It has quickly become a favorite amongst players. However, you can enjoy the massive amount of content the game offers for free.

With criminal case mod apk, you gain unlimited energy and unlimited clues. You can play the game without slowing down. In addition, the clues allow you to progress through difficult cases and become the best player.


How to hack a Criminal Case?

Criminal case mod apk provides a full game hack with unlimited energy and all content unlocked. You only have to download the mod from this page and install it to play the game.

Is the mod apk safe?

Many people want to know if the criminal Case hack version apk download is safe. Our mods are professionally created to ensure there are no problems. You can download the apk and install it as you usually would. The mod behaves exactly like the game, and there is no fear of getting banned.

Can I transfer my data from my previous account?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer your data from the unmodded version of the game. As criminal Case full unlocked mod apk is not available or compatible with google play, the data cannot be merged. Therefore, make sure to back up your data and uninstall the original version before installing the Criminal Case mod apk.

Is criminal case mod apk error-free?

The mod is entirely similar to the original game with added features. Many bugs and troublesome errors have been fixed. Moreover, Unlimited energy and money are available free of cost from the start. So, you can use all premium features without depleting them.

Is it a lightweight app?

Unfortunately, the criminal Case mod apk free download is not lightweight. The original game is quite large, and the mod offers all the content included in the original games. Therefore, with advanced graphics and large amounts of game data, the size of the game is quite large.

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