Download Camp Buddy Mod Apk 2023 For Android [Unlocked]

Camp buddy mod apk is a world of friendship, love, and adventure. Undoubtedly every one of us wants some leisure time. In addition, to have leisure hours each of us wants to go away from noisy cities for some time. Therefore, Camp buddy apk is a perfect choice for you to enjoy it all. And, of course, all are in one place.

Moreover, it is an exciting game developed by OneSpotGlobal PTE Ltd. It has 50+ stories for adults. It is a complete package of adventure, and friendship for an adult. Additionally, it has around 1K++ downloads. The size of the camp buddy apk is 1.4MB.

Camp Buddy Storyline

It is a game about Keitaro and his childhood friend. They both fabricate the idea of summer camp adventure. However, there are exciting adventures and cute characters at the campsite to cherish you. This game is based on a provocative novel with a light topic. Mod apk players will be excited to explore some worth visiting sites by playing camp buddy’s place.

Additionally, as a player is away from cities, he needs a keenness while making decisions about camping sites. Therefore, besides camp area selection, you also consider calculations about the nearest city, offices, and costs.

Camp buddy mod apk for android and ios is loaded with exciting stories. There are not only adventures but also some threats near the campsite. So as a player, you must make a smooth adventure and unite your friends at camp site.

Camp Buddy Mod APK Gameplay

Camp buddy revolves around the leadership skills of Keitaro. First, Keitaro is bound to have new friends. Second, if there are differences among camp buddies, Keitaro’s responsibility is to unite them again. However, the play of this game is simple.

As one of the characters of the camp buddy, you will provide solutions to problems. As well as in difficult times with innovative tactics, you will help Keitaro to patch up buddies. With the game’s progress, your main aim is to save this summer camp from various scary night threats.

It is a simple game with beautiful surroundings. At first, it seems a bit childish game. However, later on, some adventures tell you the actual worth of this game. It is something more than a simple adventure.

Camp buddy mod apk has many characters. However, every character comes with a different story. Every character has his route and his ending. Therefore, the player needs to have at least 15 hours to uncover the conclusion of every single street.

In addition, you need to unlock all endings to know everything about the camp buddy mod. Adding there are more than 150 portraits and images. Moreover, Keitaro needs your help to fill out his journal. So, you can help him by recalling his childhood memories.

Features of Camp Buddy Mod Apk

The game has sensational features as are listed below;

Characters and Routes

  1. Mainly Keitaro, who has several responsibilities.
  2. Taiga-with just a fantastic route. There are ups and downs throughout the way, but his character development is upto the mark.
  3. Adorable and caring Yoichi who always lends a helping hand to Keitaro.
  4. Possessive and jealous Hiro. Sometimes he makes things quite toxic. But beyond any doubt, he is a genuine fellow of Keitaro.
  5. Last but not least is a minor and shy Hunter. But, of course, he is a reliable champ.
  6. Felix, Aiden, Natsumi are also essential characters.

Side Characters

Scout Master Yuri, Yoshi, Eduard, Lee and Goro are some of the side characters. Whether any character is the main interest or not, every character has complete details.


This game gives you rewards and badges. In return, these badges help you upgrade your characters and explore routes. So, with the help of these badges, you can also unlock some animated scenes.

Engaging Graphics

Background sounds are so well matched with the characters as they are delightful to the ears. Graphics are also very eye-catching. However, the beautiful campgrounds, parks views, and landscapes are fantastic during the whole game. Background tracks of most incredible memories, adventure, opposites attract, and camping time are undoubtedly sweet melodies.


In camp buddy modded version customization is undoubtedly enjoyable to choose a character of your own choice and then give it details.

All Unlocked

Each character has his story as well as route. Camp buddy mod latest version gives you all courses unlocked. Hence there are cheers for you everywhere.

Game Levels

Camp buddy mod apk hack version is loaded with more than 15 scenarios. And, of course, every system is playable for you. Furthermore, stages and stories are not locked at all.

What is new here in mod apk?

  1. There are no problems with bugs.
  2. There are no paywalls as everything is unlocked and accessible for you.
  3. Camp buddy mod apk is an ads-free version. Therefore enjoy non-stop fun here.

Ending Note

Camp buddy is charming fun for every adult. And for those who like camping, it is a real treat. I hope you are anxious enough about the reputation and safety of the Keitaro camp.

Because as long as the base has a good name and safe surroundings, its attraction for the customers remains high. So get ready to help Keitaro to make and save his camp. Don’t waste your time and download the free camp buddy mod apk from the above download button.

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What is Camp Buddy?

Camp buddy is Boys Love Visual Novel by Blits. It was released on November 11, 2018. The main lead of camp buddy is Keitaro. Who with his childhood friend, goes for a summer camp adventure.

How to download camp buddy mod apk?

  1. Click on the icon of download.
  2. Move to the download page and tap on the download button.
  3. Tap on the icon install.
  4. Some permission is required. Click ok to give all permissions. Here the downloading starts now.

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