Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK 2023 – All Unlocked

Call of duty mobile mod apk – Danger is always around us. And if you are a soldier, your life will not be a smooth sail because you are always on your toes. There are adventures, traps, perils, and any upcoming known enemy hidden at some point. Therefore there can be a call of duty at any time.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod Overview

Call of duty mobile mod apk is an altered version of the original game. It is a fantastic game as it has many heroes. Anyhow count of enemies is also not limited. In this game, you come across many types of weapons. However, the play is simple but impressive.

Your interests mount a lot. And you feel like a true soldier: at some time, solo fights give you the independence of decision-making. And at other times, being a team player, you feel like a dream player where connected efforts make you learn strategies.

World War II has led to many stories and movies. Call of duty mod apk has many shades of World War II. There is enchanting use of weapons, amazing graphics, comprehensive settings options, and CP made it very different from other action games.

The mod apk latest version 1.0.35 is with additional features. That is why it has around 14 million reviews. And the number of downloads exceeds 100M+. Although its original version came in 2003, its popularity among all age groups is still increasing.

Call of Duty Characters

Here you meet epic characters like:

  1. Iskra-WhiteChapel
  2. Yuri-Bratok
  3. Makarov-Kingfish
  4. Ajax-Bouncer

However, there are many more names like ninja waiting for you. All have unique capabilities. Exhibition of their skills does not need a particular type of mobile.

Call of duty mobile mod apk is to download on all kinds of android devices.

The Weapons

You will love to test some epic battle pass weapons:


In addition to these deadly weapons, there are BP TIER 50 GUN-PPSH 41 PISTOLET PRO. If you want to taste these powerful weapons, then go for the Call of duty mobile mod hack version.

Call of duty Mobile MOD APK Features

The game is easy to play, yet it has various features like.

Multiple Characters

It has interesting characters, and each character has unique guerilla war strategies. For example, here are snipers for you. You can attack enemies in simple auto-run mode, or you can have control of your ammunition.

All characters are unlocked from the first stage. More female characters are unlocked, as was the demand of players. In addition, there is nothing like a lock in the mid-way of your attacking position. So you play smooth and steady and can kill as many enemies as possible.

Single Shot Aimbot

The remarkable feature of this action game is the aimbot. This mod version has the option to kill a single enemy from a distance. However, there is some difficulty for beginners, but things get more accessible meanwhile.

No need to root your device

Call of duty mobile hack does not need to root your device for installation. You need to download it from the link on this page. From now onwards you can enjoy smooth running.

Multiplayer MOD

While playing online, you can get involved with your friends. Your online friends can help you be aware of your enemy by keeping you moving on from the sound of footsteps of your enemy. So, you can have a successful hit.

Simple Mod and Manual Mod of Shooting

Call of duty mobile mod apk ios has many exciting elements for your surprise. First, it has a simple mod of shooting. And secondly, when you have enough intimacy with your tools, you can encounter a manual mod. This mod, of course, you are going to enjoy the most.

Customization of your Soldier

The enemy is like a fox. So it would help if you were a very up-to-date soldier to have a victory. Call of duty mobile apk free shopping and unlimited money is here to aid you. You can skin your soldiers. You can equip them with some lethal weapon of your choice. Above all, you have an option to upgrade your gun repeatedly.

Eye-catching 3D Graphics

Call of duty mobile mod apk has stunning snow-capped mountains, industrial zones, and no-go areas. Background sounds of sudden shots, bomb blasts, snipers, and knife shots take you to the era of World War II.

Moreover, bundles of actions are royale battles, multi-players, solo fight, scout option, sniper facing a sniper, and encounter of matches leading to Death Valley. Adding more fuel; there is night mode, black sky, and much more you were waiting for.

Rewards (Unlimited COD points)

Indeed every mission has a reward. Some challenging tasks have unlimited COD for you. Once you have completed, then there are such rewards. Therefore, you can move ahead at a much faster pace. And kill multiple enemies by using even solo mods.

Additionally, battle pass bundle rewards are for you in the form of a full parachute suit, treasure, and unlimited money. Free medics for instant healing are here.

Game Playing

Call of duty mobile mod apk with unlimited money provides you with a treasure of weapons. So try to collect and upgrade your tools efficiently and make smart moves.

Explore different maps as each map has a wide range of load-outs, perks, hand grenades, and primary and secondary weapons. You have maps of kill houses, nuketown, and hijacked. Therefore, make a wise selection at the beginning of the game.

When there is a shot from the enemy side, you must not be well predictable. Therefore, click on a top-down button to make a quick slide to cheat the shot.

Quick moves; a must option for you to kill enemies without being hurt. There is an option of “always sprint” in the main menu. Anyhow your clicks on this decides; how fast you want to move?

Please don’t go for a reload option whenever you run out of ammunition. It will give the advantage of seconds to the enemy. Just go to a new weapon. It will make your victory a must. Moreover, use your grenades and make smoke a cover for you.

Never stand still when fighting in a team; it will take you out of the game. If your moves are getting slow or you want to fix chams, make your graphic levels low. It will give you a pace.

The use of headphones will give you the advantage of tracking the location of enemies with the help of their sounds.

What’s new here in the Call of duty mobile mod apk?

  1. Call of duty mobile mod apk has unlimited everything for you.
  2. This mod version is equipped with auto-updates of all types of skins, guns, and maps, and you need to download them again and again.
  3. Call of duty mobile mod gives you unlimited CP. Of course, these are free now, and you need not pay anything for them.
  4. More and more female characters are awarded free with sharp skills.
  5. In addition, the hack apk offers you more and more royale battle maps. You can make versatile experiences.
  6. Last but not least; Problems of bugs are fixed, and it is safe to play now.

If you want to get involved in more action, then go for a similar game on our app, and its name is war weapons mod apk.


Call of duty mobile mod apk is a fantastic action game. Graphics are just lit! It is no doubt super fun with no problems at all. Moreover, it has anti-ban features if you are excited to be a warrior.

On the other hand, suppose you want to be indifferent to battle matches and explore various maps. Then indeed, you will be well trapped with the fascination of Call of duty mobile mod apk. So rush to our website and download the game to have surprises of Call of duty mobile mod apk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to install Call of duty mobile mod apk?

You need to get an apk file to install it. Just make sure that the original version is uninstalled first.

Download Mod Apk

Is Call of duty mobile mod apk free to download?

Yes. You can download it from our site without paying anything. It’s completely free!

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