How To Remove Background In Canva? Best Background Remover 2021

In this article, the process of removing background from your photographs in Canva is explained. No photoshop is required to do so. Hence, to create a transparent background, you don’t need to be an expert designer. Just simply download Canva which is the best background remover of 2021.

What is Canva?

Canva is a fantastic, versatile tool. It provides various available tools, either you’re working on a design for your company, webpage, Youtube videos, or student projects. It has some fantastic tools to help you remove background from an image. Whether you want to layer a picture over another in your layout or get artistic with the tools, Canva makes it simple.

What is canva

However, only Canva Pro and Professional accounts can remove the background from photographs. Canva’s free accounts do receive five free efforts to remove the background, but that’s it. You may then either sign up for a 30-day free trial or subscribe to a Pro account.

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How to remove background in Canva?

Imagine you have a photo of someone who would look fantastic in your design if the background was different. It may be on a beach, but it’s the dead of winter (or vice versa). Alternatively, the background colour may be inappropriate for the design.

With one simple click of a button on Canva, you can get a “cut out” of the person in the photo. Canva Background Remover is a Canva Pro function. Thus, the free version may not have it.

Open Canva and upload a photo.
To begin, open Canva and upload your photo. Select “uploads” from the tools bar on the left side of your screen.
Select “effects” from the drop-down menu.
To access the “effects” menu, click on the image to bring up the options displayed below. Once you click on “effects,” you’ll notice a “Background Remover” option.
Select “Background Remover” from the drop-down menu.
Last but not least, select “Background Remover” and wait for the magic to happen! That’s all there is to it.
There’s no need to draw attention to the sections you want to maintain or delete. There’s nothing more to it than hitting the button.

Canva Background Remover

When constructing your design, there may be many instances that you will need to layer a picture over another picture or graphic element. Layering photos with backgrounds still intact will result in unimpressive images, whether you’re putting a name over your design or making thumbnails that pop out. In some circumstances, you may find yourself unable to layer a picture.

Thankfully, Canva makes removing the background of an image with a single tap.

With the addition of the Restore and Erase options, removing backgrounds has become as simple as a few clicks. Remove the photo’s backdrop while developing marketing graphics for your site, poster, or Twitter and Facebook graphics. Canva does a beautiful job when it comes to removing backgrounds.

Canva Background Remover
Please remember that some photos have a more complex background, so you might not get the exact effects you want. However, with the Restore and Erase options, you can make changes.

Canva Watermark Remover

You may get rid of the Canva watermark without spending anything by using an internet application. Inpaint is a free website that can effectively erase the Canva watermark. This web tool also has a desktop application that can be used on Windows and Mac.

Crop background in Canva

In Canva, here’s how you crop a photo in just 3 steps.

Step 1: Make sure the photo is selected, and then select “Crop” on the Canva toolbox.

Step 2: Hold the corner buttons with your mouse, hold them down, and move the corners until the unwanted sections of the photo are deleted or cropped.

Step 3: When you’re through editing, don’t forget to click “Done” to save your adjustments.

Background Remover Canva Mod APK

Canva Mod Apk is a modified version of the official Canva software. It allows you to utilise all paid features for free, such as Full HD exportation, Background Remover, rearrange designs, translucent backgrounds, and more.In the Canva library, you’ll find 1.5 million pictures, icons, and one-of-a-kind artworks.

Features Of Background Remover Canva Mod APK

  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports bulk export
  • One-click social media sharing
  • Unlock Canva premium features
  • Import your brand font
  • Resize your design
  • Create a professional youtube thumbnail
  • Platform independent
  • Remove background-color
  • Use prebuilt graphics template
  • Share your project with a team member
  • Ad-free experience
  • Royalty-free templates


As the endnote, we would like to suggest Canva as the best background remover so far. We hope that this whole guide will be helpful for you and you’ll surely get satisfied with the question of how to remove background in Canva.

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