Welcome to the wonders of the age of magic mod apk. Where magic is not a horrible secret. So, choose your heroes against enemies and equip them with divine powers. Of course, money is unlimited here, and everything is unlocked in the latest free version.


Man’s nature is weird! Strange stories, imaginary powers, and magic always attract him. Moreover, tales of magic are favorite topics even in this technological age.

age of magic mod apk for android

For generations, there has been a fight between good and evil. And longings for divine powers never fade. So, here we present the Fantasy of age of magic mod apk for you. Continue reading the article to know about its mod version.

About the Age of Magic

Many of you have been enjoying tales of wizards and witches since childhood. Likewise, children of the modern age are fans of magical keys, stories and witches. Do you want to recall your childhood memories, or do you want to make your childhood a period of sensation?

If yes, you are on the right track, as our app will give you a chance at magical experiments. To have wondered about magic and divine powers, step into the age of magic mod apk where there is a collection of 150 plus characters for you. There are companions as well as enemies.

Age of magic is a role play game. In addition to role play, vibes of strategic moves keep a firm grip from start to endpoint. Tasks for each day are not alike. However, there is a dramatic evolution of magical stories. Campaign of light and dark is awestruck.

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The Storyline & Gameplay

Mages have a fantasy world. But their world is dying because the darkness is descending on the remnants of the world. Every night comes with the despair of the loss of a light ray. But hopes are always.

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According to predictions of dragon prophecy, there is a mage who will enter the dark tower and save the future. Suppose you are dreaming of being that true mage. Then absolutely, you are right. Just go and upgrade your hero with superpowers.

Moreover, a series of battles and an arena of the tournament of this role play game follows a good pattern. There are more than hundreds of levels to trap you.

However, the Quality of the animation is wow with so many details.

All is unforgettable in this world of age of magic. The fantastic game was published by Playkot Limited. It has 5M+ downloads. Additionally, it is enjoyable and particularly for children, because they prefer role-play games. Anyhow, any age group can enjoy its deadly strikes.

Age of Magic Characters

Characters of Age of magic mod apk has bundles of heroes and villains. There is a long list of characters, but few are mentioned here that can be the proper selection in the beginning. Gradually you can develop a strong understanding of tricky levels.

However, some loveable characters are:

  1. Lucky from VOT Shop
  2. Xaart from Arena Shop
  3. Magnets from Events
  4. Bellara from Campaign
  5. Swim Killer from Clan Shop
  6. Azariel from Raid Shop

In addition to the above characters, you can go for Hargrim Shards, Gassar Shard, Blood mage shards, rizer shardhilia shards and many more names in the list. Enemies like Sharazar are waiting for you in the dark tunnel.

Age of Magic Mod APK Squads

Age of magic premium APK version aid you form legions, squads, and teams as there is a profound choice for you. Moreover, there are knights, mages, dragons and swamp witches, and spells of dragons.

You can, for example, compose a team of five allies with denaya who can lead well, Bellaria, swamp killer silver moon, and seven knives. You can replace any character as their powers vary from character to character.

Control a leader, damage, counter, taunt, skip a turn, heal. Anyhow it depends on the missions you are going to play. You can make a legion of cern, margin, sand, and still here. But if adventure involves a tank battle, then drill must be here.

Because training has a job to deal with tanks, random enemies are her favorite as she can cast a debuff. Every character is unique. Of course, this is a dynamic arena, and you should opt for tricks to equip your hero with dreadful moves and equipment.

Age of Magic Mod APK Features

Squads of five for player control

Moves with pace in the form of the fox hunt and cobra strike. Hack characters are here in the form of Roger with the power of a tank, Tenda with a too rapid sword to imagine, and Sharazar, who can hide and make a quick attack.

3D Graphics and Locations

You are unable to come out of a love of 3D graphics. So natural and unique that it gives a fantastic charm. The locations of the tomb of horror and arena tournaments are so dodging that it’s easy to go there but how hard to come out alive is a difficult question.

Adventures of Light and Dark Campaigns.

A bang story begins with two powers of light and dark campaigns. Hats off to the open option of the game. Moreover, the Lunar festivals are all like a dream to come true. Then what are you waiting for? Let’s have a deep dive into the oceans of the magic world.


Age of magic mod apk is a world of rewards. Daily challenges and rewards of coins, a gift box, and a treasure chest are there for you. Every battle requires ruine coins. But for this, you have to open locks of treasure valley on level 10.

What is new here in this Mod APK

Stuff is free altogether in the age of magic mod new updates. So don’t you think it is an instant uplifter for your mood?

Age of magic mod apk is free to download. Just go to our website and download it. It is an easy-to-use and updated version for Android and iOS.

Breathtaking horror is unbreakable as there are no ads to annoy you. The mod apk is ads-free. However, the new updates have amazing transformations and beautiful experiences.

You can enjoy DMG multiple mods and God mod.


Suppose you are super interested in creation. Your wish to explore magic secrets and troubled lands is high, so your wait is over now. Age of magic mod apk hacked version has all that you want. Nothing is locked.

Therefore, you can satisfy your instincts to be a hero and savior. Epic battles are waiting for you. The enemy is clever, so don’t waste time to save that imaginary world.

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Can I play Age of Magic mod apk on PC?

Yes, you can play this game on PC with the help of using the blue stacks app player.

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