Extra Lives Mod Apk [VIP Unlocked] Free Download 2023 – Unlimited Health

Extra lives is a survival game in a dystopian fictional world. You, as the player, are thrown into a post-apocalyptic world of voracious zombies and ruthless humans. However, you must find and interact with objects and characters in creative ways. Do your best to survive and try to restore order to this dystopian world. Extra Lives Mod APK provides the premium features of the game for free.

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Additionally, the modded version allows you to play the game with infinite health and ammo. In the mod apk, the VIP version of the game will be unlocked, which means that you can access the death mode. You can also set the conditions for the world you will be spawning into. Choose how many zombies and humans you want to start with. Adjust the difficulty and conditions of the world to change your experience completely.

Extra Lives Mod APK Features

In extra lives unlocked mod, abilities and weapons are ready to use. So, install this extra lives hack mod apk to obtain all of the added perks. Below are some of the important MOD features:

1. Explore A Unique World

The game extra lives generates a fully custom 3d world for you to play in. Each world has its own set of characters, including zombies, humans, and inanimate objects. There are well over 200 characters that you will interact and form connections with.

As your storyline unfolds, your world will begin to progress in unique ways. The choices you make will impact how the world shifts around you. However, your main objective in the game is to try and bring about order in every corner of the world; there are over 50 different unique locations on the map. So, you have to explore and conquer all of them.

2. Create Your Own Story

Every world will bring its own set of characters, for example, Humans and zombies. There are over eight warring factions existing within every world. Each of them has their beliefs and opinions. Your challenge within the game will be to interact and negotiate with characters of all sorts.

See if you can bring peace among the factions. To do this, you will need to use your creative skills and implement the best strategies that bring prosperity.

3. Intuitive Controls And User Interface

Both classic and death modes had the same simplistic set of controls. The new and improved rules will ensure that you can enjoy the gameplay without any difficulties.

  1. The red button allows you to attack from either hand.
  2. The blue button will enable you to pick or drop items from either hand.
  3. Moreover, pressing both buttons together will attempt to use whatever is in either hand.

4. Unlimited Health

Extra Lives Mod APK having unlimited health perk allows you to play the game with a totally different experience. You can take any damage from zombies or gunfire without decreasing your health. In addition, you can go through the game and make progress without dying and constantly having to re-spawn. It also ensures that you don’t have to worry about losing any progress.

5. Unlimited Ammo

Unlimited Ammo feature gives you endless ammo for each weapon you have. You will be given full rounds of ammo that will not deplete even as you use them. Hence, you can take down as many enemies as you want and defend your factions.

extra lives mod apk all unlocked

The best weapons and ammo will be available for your use. It is sure to come in handy during combat. Also, with the extra lives mod apk, infinite health and gold will be available to you.

6. Editor Unlocked

Editor unlocked is also a unique feature of the modded version. The editor allows you to create a custom world to play in. You can choose as many zombies, humans, and other characters you want to spawn in your world. So, create a totally customized experience and select the level of difficulty you wish to play on.

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Free Download Extra Lives Mod APK

  1. Click the given link for the extra lives apk download.
  2. Download the apk file.
  3. Make sure to uninstall the original version of the app.
  4. Open the apk file to install the app.
  5. Enjoy your extra lives full game mod apk.

Download Mod Apk


Extra Lives Mod APK provides you with ultimate features. You can have access to VIP Unlocked Mod and get unlimited health and ammo to perform better in the game. So, download the modded version now from this page and enjoy the added perks.


What is the latest version of extra lives?

The latest version of extra lives currently available is v1.14. The new version added better functionality to the game, such as a faster frame rate (130% more than default).

It also added enhanced compatibility for landscape mode in mobile phones while retaining support for older 32-bit phones. Moreover, the extra lives mod apk 2023 has also been updated to the latest version of the game.

How to get powers in extra lives?

You can get powers in extra lives by gaining experience and leveling up your character. There are also premium perks that can be bought to give you better weapons and special abilities. However, with extra lives VIP unlocked mod, all these abilities will be available.

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