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Free download the latest version of Dead Trigger Mod APK - a horror-themed Android game with a first-person shooter-style & unlimited everything.
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For those of you who enjoy horror, being able to experience a tense situation is not limited to movies and books. You may now enjoy the environment by playing an Android game such as Dead Trigger Mod APK – a horror-themed Android game with a first-person shooter style.

In this game, you’ll have to fight an army of zombies that are attacking humanity. Even though it has a horror theme, this game is just as enjoyable as other Android games. However, you can perform a variety of tasks and missions.

Madfinger Dead Trigger is one of their most popular titles. Although it’s a late release, it has proven to be as good as Shadowgun Legends and Unkilled. Furthermore, Madfinger released 2nd part of the game named as Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK, the updated latest version of this shooting game is available to download from APKEVERYWHERE, which comes with unique unlimited features.

The Gameplay of Dead Trigger

A global pandemic has developed for no apparent reason in the game. It has converted humans into zombies, who are committing uncontrollable attacks on other living individuals. Both the administration and the army are powerless to stop the spread of sickness.

Additionally, this deadly epidemic soon conquered all towns and countries around the planet. The majority of people have been transformed into zombies. Only a handful of people made it out alive. They struggle to stay active to find a cure for the disease.

Dead Trigger, however, is more than just a first-person shooter game; it also incorporates role-playing, horror, and survival elements. In a wide-open atmosphere, you have complete freedom to act and explore. That means you have the freedom to play your way, taking out vicious zombies in a variety of methods.

So, what differentiates people from zombies is the presence or absence of a brain. That’s correct; they’re incapable of thinking or strategizing. Therefore, you can attract them towards a specific location and then use grenades or large bombs to set them off. Moreover, when you get closer to the city centre, the zombies will become much more challenging.

Dead Trigger Mod APK Features

  • Unlock all weapons
  • Full game download
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited gold
  • All guns unlocked
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited cash
  • Free download
  • Unlimited everything
  • Free shopping
  • All guns unlocked
  • Unlimited health
  • Latest update
  • New version
  • Offline download

Dead Trigger Mod APK For Android

From the first moment you enter this game on your Android phone, you will enjoy the sensation of attacking zombies. Prepare to engage in endless and ferocious action battles.

In addition, you have the option of playing as per the plot. If not, go in the opposite direction because you can participate in as many mission sets as you choose. There are over ten different environments to discover.

There are different game modes in the mod apk version of Dead Trigger. So, you can engage in emergency mode for survivors in four different scenarios in addition to campaign mode. Many individuals are incompetent at fighting, and they will be unable to defend themselves against these ruthless zombies.

You’re the only one who can save them. When you win a fight, the game gives you an amount based on your fighting skill.

Unlock All Weapons in Mod APK

You can get more weaponry, and updated features for the main character unlocked in Dead Trigger Mod APK. You must focus and be ready to battle at all times because nobody knows what is ahead.

Moreover, participating in casinos can also help you gain extra cash or valuable products. So, dive into risky situations to protect the unlucky victims. Dead Trigger APK also offers exceptional graphics, sound effects, storyline, and other aspects.

War weapons

Loaded Guns are the best zombie-fighting weapon. They have the power to kill from afar, denying attackers the chance to get close.

The Dead Trigger provides players with an extensive and lethal range of weaponry. For example, Striker, Scorpion, the Colt 1911, and Minigun are real-looking gun simulations.

Furthermore, Drain Mill and the Chainsaware are good options if you prefer melee weapons with many damages. However, the game includes mines, laser-mounted guns, radars, grenades, blades, and other melee weapons and bombs for firearms.

Graphics of the Game

Download Dead Trigger Mod APK from our website and enjoy looking at the stunning 3D graphics. Images are high in quality, smooth, and lifelike. The effects are also highly fluid and spectacular, ensuring that you have the best visual experience possible.

To get the most out of the game, make sure the graphics are set to top quality. However, to play the game efficiently, you’ll need a smartphone.


The gameplay in Dead Trigger Mod APK is fast-paced. The threat is always lying within you; zombies come regularly; after a long battle, you may require some time for relaxation.

It holds a place in many gamers’ favourite games because of its appealing aesthetics and playability. So, how about you? Let us know about your experience by leaving a review!

Note: Dead Trigger has a violent nature. Players must be at least 18 years old.

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