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Contract killer 2 mod apk – We all are doing some job and need money to spend life. Everyone wants to excel in their job. But here, we come across a different sort of livelihood. Because his job is different altogether, his contracts are weird. His sole earning depends on the completion of the task.

However, tasks are not ordinary. His tasks are to take the lives of others according to the demands of the contract. Of course, here we are talking about contract killer 2 mod apk.

Contract Killer 2 Mod APK Storyline

Contract killer 2 is an excellent game on Android and iOS for those who love the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson and like the stories full of action and suspense. In this game, there is a thrill that is well combined with mystery. But what makes a difference here is that you are posing a negative character as you will play the role of a contract killer.

In Contract killer 2 cheats, while playing the role of Jack Griffin, you have to think a step ahead of any detective. In this way, you will survive and excel on this dangerous track. As a successful contract killer, you have to chalk out unique ways to hide. However, your ambush style is untraceable. And after each ruthless murder, your escape is so perfect that it’s next to impossible to catch a trace of you.

Gameplay of Contract Killer 2

Contract killer 2 mod is a matchless full of action game where you play a third person. As a killer, the whole earnings rely on contracts of killing high profile persons. Any person can hire a contract killer as he is the best in this art of killing.

As your list is long, you are free to use long-range rifles, snipers, and short-range lethal guns as contract killer 2 mod apk has unlocked everything from the start of the game.

Moreover, the Contract killer 2 mod apk is famous among adventure lovers. Its number of downloads exceeds 10M. Glu, the developer behind this game, has developed unique storylines and actions mods.

However, the game is not recommended for children as it can arouse negative and criminal thinking in tender minds. So it is advised to be careful while making a purchase. However, it’s a fantastic adventure for a fun purpose for mature minds.

Game Levels

This game is a composition of many levels. Each level is loaded with missions. And Every mission is dangerous, different, and a disaster. There are guards of favorite targets. Anyhow, you have enough accessories with contract killer 2 mod apk. Everything is unlimited to make them unconscious in no time.

Additionally, your lines of action require bomb detonations capabilities and a wide range of impressive weapons. You need to buy a gun after first level completion. Continuous up-gradation of your weapon and complete rackety of targets is the key to success. However, your homework must be outstanding to do this dangerous job.

Contract killer 2 hack versions start with a machine your character is holding. This machine receives all the orders and information related to the next target and the location.

Unique Features of Contract killer 2 Mod Apk

Missions and Levels

Contract killer 2 apk gives you more than 250 tasks. You, as a matchless assassin ready to kill high-profile targets on the streets, not only a cold-blooded murder is your mission, but also the destruction of the enemy base is the end note of your missions.

Unlimited Money and Gold

Contract killer 2 unlimited money and the unlimited gold mod are here to help you with challenging targets. Sometimes, your need is a long-range rifle. At other times, you need snipers and silencers to keep your presence unnoticeable until the last moment. Therefore, you have unlimited money and gold in the contract killer 2 mod apk latest version to purchase all these weapons.


At the end of each mission, there are trophies, badges, and other amazing rewards for you. These rewards will help you to have unlimited gold and money. In addition, it will further make your journey easy.


Customization is the most attractive feature of this mod. You can customize the killer characters according to your imagination. Just like any serial killer, you can go for his dressing style as well as his way of attack. Sometimes you are in the firing range of your opponents. How you dodge them and save them depends upon your character details.

Detailing of Weapons

How one can forget about the detailing of weapons? Choose a weapon of your own choice. Each mission has its perils. While the weapon should be accordingly.


Graphics are wow here. The sight of old walls, concrete blocks, corridors appearance, long streets and roads in the pale yellow bulb gives a perfect feeling of suspense.

Moreover, the sounds make your heart beat fast. Even the grin lines of the forehead of a contract killer and ruthless impression of eyes are so visible that for a moment make you scared.


The way the player jumps at the guards and slits their throats and soon after it how quickly he goes for bombing is horrifying.

What is new in mod apk?

You have unlimited money to buy rifles and snipers in the modded version and if you want to enjoy more just download Mortal Kombat Mod APK and get unlimited money, coins & souls.

Furthermore after level one in contract killer 2 apk mod, there is a need for rifles. But in old versions, money was required for that. It was a common annoyance expressed by players. But the issue is resolved now.

    1. No ads, No interruption.
    2. Unlimited money and unlimited gold make equipment purchase easy.
    3. Bugs are resolved in contract killer 2 mod apk new update version.
    4. Contract killer 2 offline mod lets you enjoy anywhere and anytime.

To Sum Up 

Contract killer 2 mod apk is undoubtedly an addiction to thrill, suspense and action. The concept of this game is super friendly. You are throwing kunai to kill someone without a trace, silent melee attacks, and the classic Sniper game!

Last but not least, all the weapons are free now. If you want to enter an immense terrain of adventure and horror, download the killer 2 mod apk latest versions. And this download is completely free.

Some Exciting Reviews of Players

Love update, better gameplay than before. If you love FPS games, this is one of the games you must play.

Easy to play, hardly any ads. All you have to do is concentrate on your target, make sure you stay out of the line of fire of enemies as much as possible and upgrade when you get a chance.

Everything is excellent, the graphic, the controls, like this game, going on two hours of playing


How to play contract killer?

There are buttons on the screen to drag and aim at your target. Study the location correctly. As you start your game, there are buttons on the screen for instructions.

How contract killer 2 mod apk unlimited money and gold?

The premium feature of contract killer 2 mod apk gives you unlimited money and gold for free.

How to download contract killer 2?

You can easily download the contract killer 2 mod apk by clicking on the download icon.

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