Download Bomb Squad Mod APK – Unlimited Tickets & Characters

The bomb squad is an action game that is a perfect match for thrill-seekers. The game resembles Bomber Friends, released in 2014 by Hyperkani to quite an extent. It was developed and published by Eric Froemling. However, Bomb squad mod apk is an enhanced version of the game, making everything a lot easier and more fun for the players.

Bomb Squad Gameplay

Bomb squad comes in the domain of multiplayer games. Its gameplay basically involves knocking down competitors to gain an advantage. So, can we say it is survival of the fittest all over again? Yes, we can!

You have to blow everything but yourself to make your way forward in the given location. Additionally, the players are required to fight off enemies on battlefields. They can very easily customize their characters. Bomb squad hack apk provides events and festivities-specific characters to entertain you.

What Features make Bomb Squad Mod APK Exceptional?

There are a lot of them! The list is long, but we can make it easy to comprehend. Dive into the stated facts and better understand the available features.

Mod APK Free Shopping

Of course, you can shop all you want. However, the trick is to spend chunks from the unlimited money you get in the bomb squad mod version.

Infinite Health

Bomb squad apk unlimited health is a reality now. So do not let your character die while facing a fierce opponent. Because the Modded version enables you to refuel your health from time to time, hence, enhances your longevity in a match.

Unlimited Tickets

Bomb squad mod apk unlock all form gives you unlimited tickets. Moreover, these tickets let you buy characters of your choice, which can be too expensive for you to afford. But the hack mod apk of bomb squad allows its players to get anything they set their heart on in a matter of seconds.

A Huge Quantity of Bombs!

We often run out of bombs while playing and eventually lose the match. Well, worry no more! Bomb squad mod is here to help you gather countless bombs. Now bombard your enemies and make a winning streak!

Unlocked Battlefields in your Store

The game has many battlefields where you can play with friends or play against your foes. However, the Bomb squad apk has unlocked all those battlefields for you. They are for you to enjoy and conquer. So what are you waiting for?

All Characters Unlocked

Since every character has particular traits in a bomb squad game, one might want to use many of them. That is why bomb squad modded apk has unlocked all game characters for you. So, nothing is holding you back.

Is there an Offline option?

Play and enjoy it while you are offline. Bomb squad mod apk permits users to play the game even without an internet connection. So whether you are stuck in a bus or waiting somewhere outside your home, you can kill your time while playing the game bomb squad.

Which users can access the game?

Bomb squad mod apk for iOS and pc is available for you to download. And if you are an Android user, you need not worry too. Follow the download procedure below and enjoy your favorite game in just a few minutes.

Bomb Squad Mod APK Download

You are just a few steps away from enjoying one of the best action yet easy games available online or offline.

The bomb squad hack mod apk download option is available on our page. It can be found around the bottom part. Please see the button and tap on it to start the downloading process.

But, before you get on it, go into your settings and allow ‘unknown sources’ entrance.

Now, download & install the mod apk file.

Download Mod Apk

Have a good time with your friends!

What do the Players think of Bomb Squad? (Player’s Reviews)

This game is so much fun when played locally with friends. You can put one device in front of you as a host running the game and download Bombsquad remote on the others and connect to the host device. The other devices act as controllers. However, there are a lot of obtainable characters. You can also play offline with bots or co-op and you can even play online with players all over the world.

The greatest multiplayer 3D game ever exist, I actually spend a year just trying to finish this game, I gave up for a few while, but then I find out that you can play multiplayer offline and online with your friends, I team up with my siblings to defeat those junks, and you can also play team vs team mode online and offline, you can also play PvP mode offline and online multiplayer, it all free.


Bomb squad mod apk is a delightful game. So naturally, therefore, we provide you with the full unlocked version. That is to say, and it contains every mind-blowing feature that one can imagine. However, if you have any queries, you are free to ask in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BombSquad free?

The reasonable answer is ‘YES’. You can get Bomb squad for free.

How to play bomb squad on pc?

You have to have any app player for this to happen, be it Nox Player or BlueStacks. Downloading the bomb squad would help you play the game on windows.

How to download bomb squad on iOS?

You can download the game on iOS, Android or PC from our website. Tap the download button to see the magic.

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