Best Fashion Games – Top 15 Dress up Games in the World 2021

Best Fashion Games

Do you have a fashion fever? Check out our article to know the best fashion games for Android and iOS.  Fashion, flashy clothing, and cosmetics are few of the things that attract women especially.

If you want to learn and teach your children regarding beauty and fashion, then it can be done in a fun and engaging way by playing fashion related games.

Best Fashion Games Online

Fashion and dress-up games are a sub genre of simulation games. Through the game, users can acquire a variety of costumes, dress up models, and snap photos of them wearing their lovely attire. Here are a few of the much more famous Android and iOS games.

Best Fashion Games Online

Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game

Covet Fashion MOD APK

Covet Fashion is one of the most popular fashion simulation games. It’s available in a variety of app stores. It gives users the ability to take photos of models of any size, shape, or skin tone. The user can personalize their hairstyle, makeup, and wardrobe.  All of the clothing items seen here are licensed models from legitimate fashion houses. Additionally, the game provides hours of entertainment for any fashionista!

Stardoll Stylista

Stardoll Stylista

It is a recreation of a well-known fashion website Stardoll. It shares a lot of parallels with other members of the genre, who are tasked with dressing models in various outfits and haircuts to create unique photographs. Moreover, there are multiple options for you to create and practice various makeup looks.

Shopping Mall Girl: Style Game

Shopping Mall Girl

It’s also one of the top fashion games. You can visit several stores to keenly choose the apparel before adding it to your store. There are different makeup, hair, and self-care options available (such as facials). Moreover, it also includes fashion contests and different competitions.

Pocket Clothier

It is one of the best fashion games in the simulation category. You have to open and manage a profitable clothes store in this game. It helps you to enjoy as well as learn how to run a business.

Pocket Clothier

While playing this game you can carefully positioning mannequins, selecting items, and even helping consumers land their dream job with an interview attire in this one.

This one is also more fast-paced, so be prepared to face several obstacles. There are a few issues, but the game only appears to perform poorly on lower-end devices. It costs $5.49 and has no in-app purchases.

Star Girl Fashion❤CocoPPa Play

Star Girl is a real life simulator that allows you to put together a digital celebrity character. The goal of the game procedure is to continuously complete all of the milestones on the path to world greatness.

Star Girl

To do so, pick one of three creative professions: modeling, music, or film acting.

Additionally, buying everything for the image and connecting with other celebrities to develop relationships are vital components. The game pleasantly surprises me with a large selection of clothing.

Each item of clothing is sketched in an expert way and detailing is also done, lending a unique charm to the game experience as a whole.

Star of the Movies

While not as realistic as the other games on this list, Hollywood Star serves as a celebrity simulation, showcasing many aspects of what is believed to be a star’s lifestyle.

You’ll establish your persona, define your style and wardrobe, and begin to be favored by appearing in films, commercials, meeting great artists, and, of course, avoiding the paparazzi! Furthermore, Hollywood Star is an iOS game that is one of the best and most comprehensive dress-up games available.

Love Nikki


Shining Nikki is the follow-up to Love Nikki, one of the best dress up games. This game, which came out in the middle of 2021, is one of the most stunning fashion games ever developed.

The developers incorporated thousands of textile samples, high-quality graphics, and models with over 80,000 vertices. Therefore, this game requires the latest model smartphone because of its extra updated features.

Look At Me, Girl!

Style Me Girl delivers 3D characters to design your style as if you were playing with dolls.It is one of the best fashion games. However, if you’re looking for a game that’s both challenging and rewarding, then you won’t regret playing thsi game.

You’ll be given directions on which style to adopt, and you’ll have to outfit the character according to the requests, send them to photoshoots, and score them based on the look you choose. Additionally, visit the App Store or Amazon, one of the top Google Play Store alternatives, to learn more about Style Me Girl.

What is the best free dress-up game?

What is the best free dress-up game

Dress-up games are one of the best and most popular genres of fun, especially among children. This type of game, which has no stages or many hurdles, is ideal for young children to use their imagination. Even though the primary objective is to outfit a digital doll with various clothing options, these games include a variety of topics.

These real fashion games may include current fashion options, be inspired by real-life events, or feature clothing designed by well-known designers. Take a look at the top 5 greatest dress-up games for Android and iOS smartphones; select ones that best reflect your style!

Fashion Star Boutique

Fashion Star Boutique

Fashion Star Boutique was released in 2012 and is still active today, with a less authentic aesthetic than the previous game but still based on actual fashion items. As a result, it allows players to design their outfits for their characters, preferences and wants. It’s exclusively available on Apple’s iOS platform.

Dress Up Azalea

Dress Up Azalea

Dress Up Azalea is one of the most popular Android dress-up games.The application’s visual style is more colorful, making it ideal for children. Adults, on the other hand, may find some delight in playing the game.

You must dress up Azalea, a lovely heroine with long black hair, throughout the game. As per the statement, Azalea enjoys all things delicious and magical. Roses, kittens, glittery fabric, and other items fall into this category.

However, the ultimate goal is to make Azalea happy by dressing her up in her favorite looks.

Fashion Fantasy

Fashion Fantasy

If you’re looking for a game with a sense of growth, Fashion Fantasy is among the best dress-up games on mobile. It is because the game requires players to fulfill objectives based on their fashion sense. They can unlock new chapters and learn more about the game’s story by completing these objectives.

Fashion Nation

Fashion Nation

There are a plethora of cartoon-style dress-up games available for children. However, if you’re looking for something more realistic, Fashion Nation is a great place to start. It’s one of the most popular iOS and Android dress-up apps, and for a good reason.

The graphics in this game are just stunning. Both the models and the costumes they wear appear to be lifelike and three-dimensional.

Mystic Prince Dress Up

Mystic Prince Dress Up

It is a straightforward but entertaining dress-up game. You create a male action figure avatar and then customize it with a variety of clothing.

You may change the color of your skin, combine different characteristics, and even change the size and gestures of your face. It is rather good as a character generator for a tabletop RPG.

Fashion Games Apps

Apps for fashion games are designed to teach people how to correctly blend items in their wardrobe, make an appealing image, and select the appropriate colors, trends, and accessories.

It is an excellent gift for young girls, but it will also benefit ladies of all ages. Here, the user can create a simple look for themselves, or something more lavish, simply for fun (or not?).

Explore your abilities as a fashion designer and star in the history of Fashion!

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Whose name comes to mind when any modern person is asked to define the world of trends and Fashion? Kim Kardashian spelled out in capital letters. She also has her own game, which is one of the top fashion games in the world of the fashion industry.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is one of the best fashion games in which users can completely immerse themselves in the world of LA glitz and glamour. It is an expertly and painstakingly produced story of a young woman’s ascension to greatness.

Additionally, the free software provides extra content for the player to purchase to make this experience original and unique for everything.

Fashion Fever: Dress Up Game

Fashion Fever

Fashion Fever is, without a doubt, one of the top Android dress-up games for girls. It is because it lets users play out their fantasy of becoming a fashion model without ever having to leave the house!

On the other hand, you may consider it as if you were a world-famous fashion designer looking for the best models. You can outfit your top model however you like in the game.

Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim

Let’s begin our collection of fashion games apps with a game that can fulfill all of the commercial game needs in its category.

Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim

Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim gives you the chance to run your high-end clothing boutique. There’s a well-developed plot here, as well as game objectives that keep you playing without pausing.

The user can customize the store’s appearance, hire employees, and, of course, guarantee that guests are entirely delighted with every minute of their tour. Establish the store gradually to sell top-brand clothing finally. This business will also attract women from high society.

Lady Popular

Lady Popular

Lady Popular is a free dress-up game and fashion software that allows you to show off your style and fashionable design outfits. It contains various features to help you develop your style and create a chic wardrobe.

Lady Popular also allows you to establish online friends and gives dating opportunities. You can customize hundreds of costumes, accessories, skin, hair, and makeup.

Choose your favorite haircut and makeup. From the start of the game, all clothing is available. As a result, you can customize your character to your liking.

You can also pick one of the eight backgrounds below:

  1. Cover of a fashion magazine
  2. Hollywood’s outdoor advertising
  3. The Red Carpet
  4. The Fashion Show
  5. Setting
  6. Photoshoot
  7. Celebrity shopping
  8. The most incredible salon for beauty

Superstar Family – Celebrity Fashion

Superstar Family – Celebrity Fashion is fun & one of the best fashion games for the whole family. Do you aspire to work in the entertainment industry? This game will assist you in your dreaming.

Superstar Family – Celebrity Fashion

You must develop a trendy picture for the entire family in this game. Make glitzy costumes for each of the characters. Each of them has a vast wardrobe of 200 pieces, including apparel, accessories, and cosmetics.

It is encouraged to participate in many photoshoots. You have access to cute dogs and a selection of places to make the perfect photo. Make ready-made photographs and send them to your friends. So you may show off your design and image-making skills.

A street in the city center with trendy businesses is one of the options.

  • Walking the Red Carpet
  • Studio
  • Mansion
  • Living Room in the Castle
  • Park Picnic
  • East Palace is a palace in East London.


For young females, real fashion games are a popular form of entertainment. It is discreet entertainment where everyone can feel like a celebrity or a top designer who is up to date on all the latest fashion trends. It is an excellent way to spend the time if the person enjoys the fashion topic.


Is Covet Fashion a good game?

Yes, Covet Fashion is a good game, and It is undoubtedly considered in the excellent fashion games list.

Is Covet Fashion an offline game?

Yes, it is available offline.

Along with pleasant gaming, a person will learn a lot of exciting stuff. There are many exciting game options available on Google Play and the App Store. The player should concentrate on the most essential and highest rated options public.

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