Archery King Mod APK 2023 Premium Unlocked – Unlimited Money

Archery King Mod APK will take you back to the old times when there were no weapons or guns to shoot. People used to fight with bows and arrows only. However, Archery came from that time, but now people learn and practice it as a hobby.

So, if you are interested in Archery and want to be an actual shooting master, then download the archery mod from our site. Become a better shooter and show your abilities.

Archery King Mod APK Overview

The Archery King APK is a game played by millions of people every day. It was created by the Kongregate platform and had exciting game mechanics. Moreover, it has different levels so you can play it for hours and hours without getting bored.

It is a 3D sports game released in 2015, and it has been trendy since then. The game is by the well-known developer Miniclip, and it has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Recently, the company created a new version of the game, which has even more exciting features and graphics. However, you can download the mod apk of the latest version of the game on your Android, iOS devices, or PC.

Archery King is the first archery game in the Google Play Store to have realistic 3D graphics. The game offers many game modes, a built-in shop, and many features that satisfy the most demanding users.

Additionally, Archery King mod apk is the best single location arcade game with lots of fun and tactical challenges. In this blog post, we will be discussing the latest version of the game. The modded version has all the new features that make the game even more fun and addictive. It also has some bug fixes.

Archery King Gameplay

Archery King is a great game, played by more than 100 million players worldwide. The game is easy to play, and anyone can control their character just with taps on the screen. But to master the game, you need to try hard.

Additionally, there are lots of levels to challenge yourself. You will go through 5 different worlds with different bosses. In Archery King mod apk, your primary mission is to defend your castle against the enemy’s attack. Therefore, you must protect your castle by placing the archers and soldiers in the proper position.

You will gain gold and gems by destroying the enemies. There are many quests in Archery King. After you complete all of them, you will gain a lot of resources. What’s more? In Archery King, you can play with your friends or family. You can play together to earn more rewards.

Furthermore, the game has simple gameplay and gives its users a real archer action experience. Additionally, in this archery center Olympic competition, you have to join the Archery Club and begin to shoot your target. It is a game for everyone. You can play this shooting game with ultra-realism pleasure. So, don’t wait to be an archery master and install the archerfy king mod APK for free.

Features of Archery Shooting Game

  • It is a First-Person Archery 3D Shooting.
  • Unique 3D Graphics and Sound effects.
  • Get efficient Game Controls.
  • 100+ addictive levels in normal mode.
  • There are various archery shooting locations, including the Archery Field, War Field, and Backyard.
  • There are level-based environments in the game.
  • Moreover, get access to 4 picturesque areas, including Rain Forest, Pine Forest, Deadly Desert, and Archery Field.
  • Excellent and realistic animations.
  • 20+ elaborate designed archery game equipment.
  • Compete for 1-on-1 with real players all over the world in online mode.
  • Enjoy multiple addictive archery levels.

Highlights of Archery King Mod APK

Visuals of the Game

The Archery 3D realistic shooting game gives you an authentic experience. It has incredible 3D graphics and animations. Moreover, it provides you with movie or film-like stages. The fantastic visuals of the game make you feel like you are actually in the sports games of archer shooters.

Challenges and Rewards

In this sports game of the Olympics, you have to face different challenges in the archery range to win rewards. You have to shoot the arrows at the target from various distances. As the distance increases, you get a new challenge to complete and earn coins.

Game Levels

You have to clear different game levels by shooting the targets to increase your skills. By this, you can have access to new locations. Here you will have to fight with other champions and prove yourself to be the best archery king master.

There is a variety of targets and moving targets. However, here are the levels of archery king with different features and challenges.

  1. The simple controls
  2. The realistic shooting screens
  3. A breathless medal competition
  4. The inescapable addiction

Endless Fun of Archery King Mod APK

Archery tournament revolves around ancient and modern sport skills. Each aspect of this game, including wind effects, arrows, graphics, and the target itself, reflects the old to the contemporary phenomenon.

However, Archery is easy to learn and play, just like in the real world, but it is challenging to be the champion. So, don’t wait to have endless fun with archery king mod apk. In addition, you can upgrade your equipment to the modded version of the game to win the tournament.

The Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Unlocked
  • Unlimited Cash
  • No Wind-Power-Rate
  • Aim Range Mod
  • Bonus Speed Mod
  • Arrow Speed Hack Mod
  • No Wind Effects Closed
  • Auto Recover Mod
  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlimited Wind Disable Points
  • No Wind
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Aim Speed Settings
  • Combo Count
  • Effect Mod
  • Arrow Mod
  • Wind-Power Disable
  • Full Zoom Mod
  • Durable Mod
  • No Wind-Break

Archery King Game Download

Click the download button above, and the mod file will begin downloading. After that, check your phone settings and allow the unknown sources to start the installation process. When the apk file is installed, you can open the app and enjoy your archery king mod APK with unlimited features and fun.

Download Mod Apk


Archery King Mod APK is a game of Archery, aiming, and shooting. You can play it on both Android and iOS. It features a variety of game modes, allowing you to compete with players around the world or play with friends.

Moreover, it features a variety of special effects and rich graphics, making it an enjoyable game for players of all ages. So, free download the modded version of the game from our site and enjoy premium unlocked features of the game that are not available in the original version.


Is archery King mod apk online?

Yes, it is an online game; however, you can play it offline too as per your choice.

How to play archery king?

You can read the above-given gameplay section of the article, and you’ll have an idea of how to play it.

Is Archery an offline game?

Yes, you can play it offline. Local or multiplayer access is also available.

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